Alternative Investing Commodities

  • Silver bar and coins

    From oil to gold to wheat, commodities are great for diversification purposes and global demand is rising for a host of natural resources.

  • Jim Rogers Sees Gold Correction

    The price of gold has been rising for 11 years in a row and the precious metal is due for a correction, investor Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, told CNBC.

  • AIternative Investing: Agriculture

    Daniel Hough, agricultural product specialist at Macquarie Agricultural Funds Management and Geoff Burke, co-founder and managing director at Agro-Ecological Investment Management, joined CNBC to discuss investing in agriculture.

  • Gold coins and bar

    Financial advisors have long recommended that investors have some precious metals in their portfolios, but years of solid gains, as well as heightened interest in inflation hedges and safe havens, have made metals more alluring than ever.

  • The Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index is a global commodity benchmark tracking 19 commodities that are mostly U.S. traded.

    We took a look at the commodities in the CRB Index, and calculated the ones with the best YTD performance based on the closing price on Oct. 14, 2010.

  • Pu'er Tea

    Pu'er — an aromatic tea from the hills of southern Yunnan — may not look like much, but can be worth its weight in gold, thanks to claimed health properties ranging from curing hangovers to shedding pounds.

  • Alternative Investments - Gold vs Silver

    Gold vs. Silver, which is the better investment? CNBC put the two precious metals in a boxing ring, in the form of James Turk, chairman and founder of Goldmoney and Charlie Morris, head of absolute return at HSBC Global Asset Management (UK), to find out.

About Commodities

  • This is one area where it is easy to visualize what you're investing in, not that you'd want to bring it home with you. Your name it, and chances are its bought and sold.