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    Benchmark oil prices may decline this week as many still consider market conditions are over-extended and current levels are not warranted by the supply and demand fundamentals, CNBC's weekly survey of market sentiment showed.

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    Benchmark crude oil prices will likely extend their losses this week as investors questioned whether the recent rally which sent Brent crude to a multi-year high is warranted by the fundamentals, CNBC's weekly survey showed.

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    Oil prices are poised to gain for the third straight week, undermining global equity market sentiment and threatening the fragile economic recovery, CNBC's weekly survey of market sentiment showed.

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    Benchmark crude oil prices will likely rise this week as global supply threats build and markets price in a positive outcome to Greek debt talks, CNBC's weekly survey showed.

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    Oil prices will likely consolidate around $100 a barrel this week though any move higher will be capped by market uncertainty on what happens next in Greece. On Sunday night, Greek leaders passed new austerity measures crucial to receiving a second bailout package, but violence in Athens marred the vote.

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    Benchmark crude oil prices will likely rise this week as risk appetite improves on optimism that Greece and private sector creditors are nearing a deal on a debt swap, CNBC's weekly survey showed.

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    Benchmark crude oil prices may rise this week as supply fears from Nigeria, Africa's largest producer, add to disruption threats from Iran, CNBC's weekly survey showed.

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    Benchmark crude oil prices will likely continue moving above $100 a barrel as an embargo on Iranian oil exports widens and fears mount that oil shipments may be disrupted from the Persian Gulf as a 'war of words' escalates between Tehran and the U.S., CNBC's weekly survey showed.

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    Benchmark crude oil prices will remain little changed as activity dries up during the holiday week although traders warned fears over possible supply disruptions from OPEC member Iran and the lingering European debt crisis may keep the market on edge, CNBC's weekly survey showed.

  • 'Shock and awe' it wasn't. Though long awaited by global investors, the Federal Reserve's second round of quantitative easing generated a decidedly muted reaction in commodity markets. After the move, the Reuters/Jefferies CRB index of 19 major commodities settled flat at 305.07 late Wednesday.

  • There’s still a palpable sense of shock and awe here after last week’s unprecedented surge in global oil prices. The vast majority of executives at the Asia Oil & Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia pointed the finger squarely at the speculators. Saber rattling between Israel and Iran didn’t help either, they said.

  • Crude oil prices are up a whopping 43% year-to-date, surging over 8% alone on Friday. This is the backdrop to the 13th Asia Oil and Gas Conference with oil executives gathering in Kuala Lumpur for the energy summit as a question mark hangs over the outlook for regional demand.

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    Crude oil futures have taken out so many records this year that you'd be forgiven for losing count. This week was no exception. New York crude futures breached the $115 a barrel level, with prices holding steady at $115 during the Asian session Friday.

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    There's a silver lining in every dark cloud. And while rising food costs may be pinching our pockets, it also presents an opportunity to make money. We look at one of the best bets out there if you want to take a punt on the rice price boom.

  • Traders buy and sell crude oil futures contracts at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

    Even the most seasoned commodity traders are looking back on this month's market action as nothing short of dramatic. Continued turmoil in the equity markets and falling confidence in the U.S. dollar sent investors scurrying into the relative safe haven of the commodities markets like droves of mad March hares.


    If the words 'recession' and 'stagflation' hadn't added enough to the lexicon of economic doom and gloom in these days of woe, financial markets -- and more importantly the general public -- now have to contend with a new term: 'agflation'. That's agricultural price inflation to you and me.

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    The President of China's state-owned Chinalco remained remarkably cool under pressure during a Sydney press briefing earlier this month despite the figurative and literal glare of the media spotlight.

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    After much hesitation, drama and debate, the price of oil -- like an unwilling bride -- finally crossed the triple-digit threshold earlier this month. But what should have been a milestone in market history turned out to be something of an anti-climax.

  • His words move markets. With oil prices hovering close to $100 a barrel, markets and consumer nations alike were looking for Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi to drop some hints about future production policy.

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    Crude oil futures breached the $96 level this past week.  Next stop $100?  That’s the talk dominating the market. And the key question is not if, but when, we get there. Oil is up almost 60 percent from a year ago and it’s jumped 19 percent in the past month. Given the blistering pace of oil’s appreciation, market watchers are not ruling out a triple-digit oil price by the end of the year, if not earlier.  So what's in store for the not so distant future?