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Connie Lorenz - The Protector of Pavements

Blue Collar Millionaire
"I make it a point to pay it forward with my employees as much as I can." -Connie Lorenz

Business: Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc

Connie Lorenz was born into poverty and raised in the school of hard knocks. She spent her childhood living in abandoned cars and eating out of dumpsters when needed. The chances of becoming a millionaire seemed slim to none. However, her honesty changed everything. While working as a secretary and helping with the bookkeeping, she discovered the president was embezzling money. Connie brought it to the out-of-state owner's attention. He promptly fired the president, and impressed by her integrity, offered Connie the chance to run the business and eventually buy him out. Eight years after becoming the sole owner of the company, Connie is hauling in $2.6 million annually and she is paying forward the generosity that the previous owner showed her any chance she gets.

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