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    Two years ago, banks warned the Credit Card Act would drive interest rates and other fees higher, but a new study suggests this has not been the case.

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    New accusations about Sony's security procedures are being levied as the company braces for a third possible hack in the coming days.

  • The credit-card provider posted earnings and revenue that edged above analyst estimates Thursday, but shares slipped in extended trading.

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    As Sony continues to determine the severity and scope of a recent cyberattack that saw personal information for over 100 million customer accounts stolen, Congress is demanding answers.

  • See what's happening, who's talking and what will be making headlines on Tuesday's "Squawk on the Street."

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    The banking crisis of the last few years has changed the way people think about their money, but even before that things were starting to change. Some people believe at this point conditions are ripe for a full-scale paradigm shift in the way consumers spend and save money.

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    New numbers from PayNet, a firm that monitors lending for small businesses in the US show loan delinquencies are now at their lowest rate since September of 2006. Only 2.15% of US small businesses are delinquent on their loans.

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    The economy is starting to improve but the housing market has yet to show any significant signs of recovery, which has homeowners nervous. How do you tough it out until the housing market recovers? Here are 10 tips from real-estate moguls.

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    Many retirement planners only advocate the stock market and investment products as retirement savings solutions, skipping Baby Boomers’ needs for safer alternatives. Additionally, the government has expressed concern that current defined contribution plans do not adequately provide options for guaranteed lifetime income. The upshot — One-sided, market-dominated planning advice that only further endangers retirement.

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    As a small business owner, you need a credit card company you can count on. You need a financial partner that will be in your corner, that will care about your needs and help you navigate the treacherous financial landscape. However, not all credit card companies are created equal.

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    While Sony says it is still unsure if the hacker who broke into its PlayStation Network and Qriocity Music Service was able to access credit card information, consumer advocates are on high alert.

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    Startup Square just secured a major advantage competitive mobile payments space — a strategic investment from Visa, which will put one of its executives on the company's board.

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    Nearly one-fifth of full-time employed Americans have raided retirement accounts in the past year to cover emergencies, according to a national Bankrate survey.

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    Over the course of a career spanning more than 30 years, Gilbert Gottfried has made his mark as a voiceover artist in films, a comedian and he was the voice of the Aflac duck until recently when he was fired for a series of jokes he tweeted about the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Now, Gottfried adds "author" to the list, with the release of his first book.

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    American Express reported results Wednesday that exceeded analysts' expectations, but shares of the company came under pressure as investors panned a double-digit increase in expenses.

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    If you're looking for a sure sign of the economy's rebound, we may have found one. Online data tracker ComScore just released the results of a survey that shows a close correlation between consumer confidence in the economy and a desire to shop for a new credit card.

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    Nouriel Roubini has argued China's economy will suffer a hard landing after 2013. He reasons its 47 percent fixed investment share of GDP, 30 percent savings rates, and low wages will cause a deflationary spiral much like in Japan. 

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    As credit losses continue to decline, shares of credit card providers will continue to climb this year, said Bruce Harting, managing director of Barclays Capital. Harting was named the top consumer finance analyst by Institutional Investors’ 2010 All-America Research Team survey last October.

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    The amount of debt held on the world’s balance sheets, whether they are governments, individuals, businesses or banks has people worried.

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    The recession left a lot of people with bad credit — even people that previously had sterling credit. So, are hiring managers now willing to overlook bad credit or can it still cost you a job?