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    If your kids are making their own dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day, it’s probably time to discuss their financial independence. Once they reach college or turn 19, how you form relationships with your children can have fiscal consequences both good and bad.

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    If you want your marriage to last, you should also make time for an open and honest heart to heart over your financial future together.  So answer these nine questions.

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    Ever hid cash from your spouse or partner? How about a bill? Maybe lie about debt or income? If so, you have plenty of company in modern America. Along with love and money, apparently come secrecy and deception. Now, here's how to avoid it.

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    Whether it is best intentions or bad habits, the way parents approach money can make a lasting impression on the children. So try a little tough love and self control.

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    Bank of America does not need to raise fresh capital to comply with the new regulations shaping the financial world and the quality of its credit portfolios is getting better, CEO Brian Moynihan told CNBC.

  • With commodities falling, the "Mad Money" host suggests buying these names.

  • With earnings season in full swing, the "Fast Money" traders on Monday discussed how they're trading select companies ahead of and into earnings.

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    Most credit card companies, eager to collect on overdue balances, offer card holders an opportunity to re-age delinquent accounts, changing it from past due to current, but you'll need to meet certain conditions.

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    To ace this one you'll need to get a job, pay down debt, save some money and learn to live within a budget. For extra credit, start planning for retirement.

  • New risk retention standards could restrict the availability of credit and hurt the economy if not carefully written, according to a report released on Tuesday by a new council of US regulators.

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    Consumer-credit delinquencies are on the rise again, but that doesn't mean the consumer credit picture is worsening, according to FICO CEO Mark Greene.

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    Americans now owe more on their student loans than they do on their credit cards. With debt now growing at a rate of $2,853.88 per second, it will surpass $1 trillion in 2012. And neither taxpayers nor consumers can afford it.

  • Yes, according to Jason Kupferberg, an analyst at UBS. He explains why.

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    Credit card offers are surging again after a three-year slowdown, as banks seek to revive a business that brought them huge profits before the financial crisis wrecked the credit scores of so many Americans, the New York Times reports.

  • The bulls are expecting fireworks when Discover Financial reports earnings on Thursday morning.

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    Christmas will no longer be on credit for many shoppers, despite tempting offers from retailers and credit card companies trying to coax the plastic out of consumers’ wallets.

  • The Lightning Round is extended in this CNBC.com exclusive feature.

  • The "kost" of “kool,” as in the reality-show escapades of the Kardashian sisters, just went up, thanks to the introduction of the Kardashian Kard, a pricey debit card targeting teens with a taste for the good life.

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    Move over, Mr. Obama. Donald Trump is  “mulling over” whether to run for president.

  • Panel Chair Elizabeth Warren listens during a hearing before the Congressional Oversight Panel that was created to oversee the expenditure of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

    Protecting consumers from abusive financial practices and the burden of excessive regulation is a non-partisan issue, Elizabeth Warren, President Obama's special adviser for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, told CNBC Wednesday.