Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods

Criminal networks of thieves are breaking into everything and cashing in on a fortune. No one is safe, these modern day pirates steal from stores, semis, warehouses, even our very own homes. The over $70 billion industry of stolen goods is a complex web of stealing, buying, and selling — placing the items on the Internet, in flea markets, and even back on the shelves of legitimate stores. Crime Inc. investigates what law enforcement, corporations and even a burglary victim are doing to strike back and protect their assets.

Web Extras

  • Retail

    Jerry Biggs is the director organized retail crime division at Walgreens. He's spent four decades fighting retail crime and has seen criminals of all types making big money.

  • Cargo Theft

    Lt. Mike McDonnell runs the anti-cargo theft operations in one of the largest states targeted by cargo thieves: New Jersey. He discusses how the thieves target cargo containers.

  • Home Burglaries

    Detective Bethany Rigney worked a case on a ring whose leader stole more than $10 million from homes during the course of his burglary career.

  • Auto Theft

    Sergeant Steve Witte heads up the San Diego Regional Auto Theft Taskforce and discusses the challenges of fighting auto thieves.

  • Crime Inc.:  Auto Sting Operation WEB EXTRA

    Sergeant Steve Witte from the San Diego Regional Auto Theft Taskforce takes us along for the arrest of an individual who was part of a sting operation that netted more than 30 suspected auto thieves in December of 2010: Operation Gangbusters. Guns, drugs, and more than $300,000 in stolen vehicles were recovered in the operation.

About Stolen Goods

  • Organized crime rings are stealing billions of dollars in merchandise. CNBC takes you to the front lines of a nationwide battle against organized theft.

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