Debbie Wiener - The Slayer of Slobs

Blue Collar Millionaire
"Don't stress the mess." -Debbie Weiner

Business: Slob Proof Furniture

Debbie Wiener went from being a struggling stay-at-home mother to the owner, operator, and "Head Slob" of a nearly indestructible home furnishing line, Slob Proof Furniture. After coming to her wit's end with the biggest slobs she knows, her husband, children, and dog, this determined mother decided to work day and night to design and manufacture an upholstered seating line with durable cloth, indestructible cushions, and tough stitching. Her furniture can withstand anything from condiments to bodily waste, thus earning the name "Slob Proof." Debbie is projecting to double her 2015 revenue to $3 million in 2016. Not too shabby for a mom whose credit card was declined at Kmart.