Denise Burgess - The Queen of Construction

Blue Collar Millionaire
"I've made millions re-building from the ground up." -Denise Burgess

Business: Burgess Services

Denise Burgess took the phrase "anything a man can do, a woman can do better" and made it a reality. When Denise's father passed away unexpectedly, he left her his small construction business. The next day, all of her employees quit because they didn't believe she could run the business and maybe didn't want to work for a woman. The one person who believed in Denise, was Denise. She stepped up to the challenge and, in the process, morphed the company from a construction company into the million-dollar construction management business, Burgess Services. Now, 14 years after inheriting her father's semi-successful company, she took in $10 million last year by overseeing a half-billion dollars of hotel construction and living the life she has always wanted.