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  • Traders in Chicago react to an announcement by the Federal Open Market Committee in 2011 to keep interest rates near zero. 

    Ken Moelis spoke about how the art of the deal has changed — and the big debt problem he thinks will soon hit the market.

  • Business investment by Australian companies slumped a record 9.2 percent in the September quarter, causing the Aussie to drop 0.4 percent.

  • Iran will sell Islamic Treasury Bills for the first time to provide a fiscal stimulus for its cash-strapped economy, the FT reports.

  • M&A activity returns to 2008 levels

    Bert Dohmen, President and Founder, Dohmen Capital Research Institute, says a peak in M&A activity usually corresponds to a peak in the stock market.

  • Bogota, Colombia

    Colombia, the fourth largest economy in South America, could see its NYSE listings double in the next year. The NYSE currently has two Colombian listings, totaling a market cap of $97.4 billion — only 7 percent of the NYSE’s Latin American total — and well behind Brazil’s 65 percent and Mexico’s 18 percent stakes.