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Discover what happens when a marriage worth millions falls apart. CNBC's "Divorce Wars" takes you inside the battle for control, power and revenge that comes when couples become combatants. Powerful people suddenly find themselves powerless as they discover how great wealth can be a liability.

"Divorce Wars" explores the bitter emotional battlefield and how the wars that rage are more than just about money. We'll reveal the latest techniques for winning the war through the eyes of several high net worth break-ups, including the divorce of Justine and Elon Musk. You'll also meet a divorcee who turned a $750-thousand settlement into $15 million after an 18-year battle. And, we'll look at one woman who built a business funding the weaker side in divorce cases for a percentage of the final settlement.

Find out the secrets behind the money, the lies, the emotional pain, and the financial gain that happens when wealthy couples go from trusted allies to warring factions in CNBC's "Divorce Wars."

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  • A 2010 report confirms the often-repeated statistic that 50% of all marriages in the United States now end in divorce. However, some communities are harder-hit by this epidemic than others, and the entertainment community bears more than its fair share of shattered nuptials. But this is not simply because there is a high number of divorced entertainers. Rather, there are entertainers who have divorced a high number of times, with some racking up as many as four, five or even six divorces or more

    The entertainment community bears more than its fair share of shattered nuptials. Click to see which celebrities have been the unluckiest in love and racked up the most divorces.

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    With money on the line, and one-in-three first marriages ending in divorce, some people are rejecting the idea that their spouse is automatically entitled to half and are demanding a prenuptial agreement.

  • Most American adults (65 percent) have at some point combined their finances with a spouse or partner, according to a recent study by the National Endowment for Financial Education.Of those couples, one out of every three have lied about or kept secret some of their financial details, the study found. For nearly half of the couples, the deception caused an argument. Thirteen percent ended up separating their finances. But for others, the outcome was far less conciliatory. For 18 percent of the c

    Here, we take a look at the top financial deceptions among couples who have combined their finances — the financial infidelities that can destoy relationships.

  • As in any human endeavor, in divorce matters, myths abound. In divorce, to paraphrase Churchill, truths are so valuable that they are often surrounded by a bodyguard of myths. Here are 10 of the most common.

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    Haven’t we all looked at a couple clawing each other’s eyes out and wondered how it came to that? We discovered the new rules of divorce that everyone should know before they even think about getting married.

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