Does Someone Have to Go?

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  • Time for a change

    Employees at DFX don't hold back in telling their boss what they really think of him. They want him fired.

  • A bold move to restore trust

    In an attempt to overrule the boss, employees try to remove the surveillance system he installed.

  • Employees decide

    Employees at DFX, an exercise equipment company in Anaheim, CA, must confront the problems in their workplace and identify "problem" individuals.

  • Tempers flare

    Zoe fiercely defends his job when he is at risk to be fired. His passion surprises his fellow co-workers.

  • Special treatment for family?

    VMS is a family owned business and employees feel family members get special treatment. Tensions run high when they are told three people could lose their jobs.

About Does Someone Have to Go?

  • "Does Someone Have to Go?" is an unprecedented reality series with a radical premise. In real workplaces struggling with dysfunction, frustrated bosses will hand over the reins to their employees, forcing them to decide who among them is causing the most problems and what to do about these poisonous personalities. Should they be given a pay cut…demoted…or does someone have to go?

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