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President Donald Trump
The nation's 45th president


  • *Greece's 10- year bond yields drop 5 bps in early trade. "Greece is still a credit that is risky and volatile, but at least it's now not one step away from default but two steps away," said DZ Bank strategist Daniel Lenz. "I think an upgrade was largely priced in so you won't see a huge amount of spread tightening- but still, it's possible that some high-yield investors...

  • LONDON, Aug 21- Gold rose on Monday as tensions over North Korea fueled safe haven demand, while doubts over U.S. Investors were braced for North Korea's response to computer-simulated military exercises begun by South Korean and U.S. forces on Monday that will continue until Aug. 31. "Gold is being supported by the war games and the uncertainty in Washington," said...

  • Technically markets breaking but remain fundamentally sound: Bruderman Brothers' Oliver Pursche

    Be prepared for a short-term correction at any point in time, says Oliver Pursche, Bruderman Brothers chief market strategist, providing his outlook on the markets. And Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Management senior portfolio manager & chief equity strategist, predicts the second half of the year will be "bumpier" for stocks.

  • ABERDEEN, Wash.— In Grays Harbor County, a rural community on the coast of Washington state, the rate at which people die from despair— from drugs, alcohol and suicide— is nearly twice the national average. The county embraced Donald Trump's call to America's forgotten corners, and flipped Republican in a presidential election for the first time in 90 years.

  • Trump to address nation on Afghanistan strategy

    CNBC's Eamon Javers, reports President Trump will outline his strategy for the war in Afghanistan in a prime time address, and Carl Icahn resigns from his role as Trump's advisor, while Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin defends his decision to stay.

  • ABERDEEN, Wash.— One-hundred-fifty baskets of pink petunias hang from the light posts all over this city, watered regularly by residents trying to make their community feel alive again. A van, stuffed so full of blankets and boxes they are spilling from the windows, pulls to the curb outside Stacie Blodgett's antiques shop. So she answered Donald Trump's call to...

  • *Markets looking to Fed's c.bank gathering in Jackson Hole. LONDON, Aug 21- World stocks struggled at a 5-1/ 2- week low on Monday, though metals dazzled with zinc at its highest in a decade, copper hitting a nearly three-year high and iron ore's gains in the last two sessions stretching to 5 percent. Traders were digesting the latest departure from Donald Trump's...

  • Hong Kong shares gained 0.4 percent and mainland Chinese stocks rose 0.6 percent after Shanghai posted its strongest weekly gain in four months last week. Emerging Europe delivered a more modest performance, with Moscow and Polish shares up around 0.2-0.3 percent. Koon Chow, emerging macro and FX strategist at UBP, said riskier assets had been given a bit of a...

  • BEIJING, Aug 21- China expressed "strong dissatisfaction" on Monday with the U.S. launch of an investigation into China's alleged theft of U.S. intellectual property, calling it "irresponsible". "The United States' disregard of World Trade Organization rules and use of domestic law to initiate a trade investigation against China is irresponsible, and its...

  • Trump could still rely on Steve Bannon: IHS Markit

    John Raines, head of political risk at IHS Markit, discusses the latest news coming out of U.S. President Donald Trump's White House.

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