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  • Investors are at wits end trying to determine if recent weakness is nothing more than a correction or if it signals a sea change in business prospects. How should you position?

  • As investors brace for what could be another roller coaster ride for the stock market this summer, CNBC.com conducted a stock screen of the S&P 500 index, searching for the top ten percentage gainers in the past ten years.

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    In the wake of the financial meltdown, Wall Street executives were either forced or voluntarily gave up salary and bonuses. Should BP's executives get the same treatment? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • Concerns about the debt crisis in Europe has helped push London Interbank Offer Rates (LIBOR) to new highs.  The benchmark rate that represents the interest rate at which British banks borrow from one another is up 115% year-to-date.  While the rise may seem high, it is far from levels it has seen in the past.   

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    US officials are meeting with China's top financial ministers in Beijing this week. The US administration says there's been key movement on major issues, including the currency question. But can China be trusted on the global business stage? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • Cramer interviews the Delaware Democrat about the Dow’s 1,000-point drop and what preventive measures need to be taken so it never happens again.

  • Maybe, if the European Union does nothing to stem its crisis, Asian economies screech to a halt and the US dollar reaches parity with the euro.

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    The Case-Shiller and new and existing home sales figures are all out this week, providing investors with a better read on whether the housing market is on the mend. Mortgage rates are expected to stay low for some time and that might offset the expiration of the home-buyer's tax credit. With all that in play, what do you think your house will be worth one year from now? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • In the investment strategist world, I tend to be pretty cautious. I do believe that while economies are recovering, it's going to be a long difficult climb from years of excesses.

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    Year to date, the Chinese market is down 18 percent. As key government officials from all over the world gather in China this week, we want to know if you think the Shanghai Composite is in bubble popping mode. Share your opinion in our poll.

  • US stocks declined over 4% this week, with the Russell 2000 and NASDAQ Composite leading the sell-off.  During Friday's trading session, the CBOE Volatility Index rose to a 15-month high, while the Dow swung 279.71 points, dipping below the 10,000-mark, before erasing all of its losses to close up 125 points for the day.

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    Analysts and big-time investors tell us what they're doing all day long on CNBC, but today, we want to know what you're doing. How are you playing this market? Share your opinion in our poll.

  • If we're entering bear market territory, what's the best move for your money now?

  • Traders and analysts are at odds over the direction of the S&P and their predictions just might shock you.

  • The European Debt Crisis - See Complete Coverage

    I have been thinking that we needed a 10% correction for some time (I use the S&P 500 average.) There are few rebounds off a major bottom that don't correct by at least 10% within 14 months of the bottom. I believe we are in that correction now.

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    With the Dow down 4 percent over the past week, the S&P down almost 5 percent and the blue chip index lower nine times in 12 sessions, it's no surprise some newsletter writers are advising clients to go to cash. And yet some traders are gearing up for an oversold bounce. So which is it? Are we in for a summer surge or a summer bummer? Share your opinion in our poll.

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    Europe can survive the current economic crisis if its leaders make good on commitments to turn their economies around, Treasury Secretary Geithner told CNBC Wednesday.

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    Congress is talking about allowing some forms of Internet gambling, and with Washington needing billions, it could bring in some much-needed tax revenue. But there are ethical concerns. Today, we want to know if you think Internet gambling should be legal in the United States. Share your answer in our poll.

  • The author of the closely-watched Dow Theory Letters newsletter warned investors to get out of US stocks now in a report published Tuesday.

  • By the numbers, the market is tough to play. Get Cramer's insight on two similar stocks.