Dreamliner: Inside the World's Most Anticipated Airplane

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Boeing, one of the crown jewels of the American economy, is unveiling the long awaited 787 Dreamliner, a daring and controversial new plane that carries an incredible profit potential.

The Dreamliner promises cutting edge features, comfort and industry-leading fuel economy. If it lives up to its expectations, the plane could revolutionize the airline industry and earn Boeing billions of dollars in the process.

Boeing is a legendary manufacturer of some of the highest profile and most consequential aircraft in history, from the B-17 of World War II, to the immensely successful 747 jumbo jet, to the most popular airliner ever, the 737. But this quintessential American company may be facing its most challenging moment. Will Boeing’s big bet pay off? The long awaited Dreamliner comes after nearly a decade of development, billions of dollars in overruns and three years of agonizing delays. The criticism has stung and given investors reason to question Boeing’s economic health.

Against this backdrop, CNBC’s Phil LeBeau will take viewers inside Boeing to see whether this enormously important American company, and one of the nation's largest employers, can rise to the challenge of a rapidly changing global aviation market.

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  • 787 Dreamliner

    In this video clip taped for the CNBC documentary “Dreamliner, Inside the World’s Most Anticipated Airline,” CNBC's Phil LeBeau shows how building a 787 Dreamliner is a well-choreographed, but challenge-packed ballet of man and machine where the plane's seven major sections are hoisted and fastened together. The documentary debuted in 2011.

  • boeing_deamliner_787_200.jpg

    For as long as I have a covered Boeing and the long journey to develop the 787 Dreamliner, I have heard certain questions over and over: Is it a game changer? What's so special about the Dreamliner? I'll attempt to provide a few answers.

  • Boeing_Outta_Sight_Cover2.jpg

    From planes that never made it to market to spy planes that human eyes aren't supposed to spot, we take a look at some of the amazing Boeing designs you've likely never seen.

  • Boeing_Warplanes_Cover.jpg

    Here, we take a look at some of Boeing's most iconic military aircraft, what they meant for the industry at the time, and how they impacted plane designs to come.

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