Weather Droughts

  • Solving the California's drought

    Discussing a solution to desalination, with Carlos Riva, Poseidon Water CEO, who will open a $1 billion plant this fall.

  • Less water, higher rates

    Lake Tahoe is full of water, but officials say it won't last because of the drought; and insight to water distribution costs, with CNBC's Jane Wells.

  • California drought dilemmas...

    California is stepping up mandatory water restrictions for farmers across the state. CNBC's Jane Wells reports the latest.

  • Cutting your water bill

    CNBC consumer reporter Kelli Grant offers tips on how to stop wasting water and cut down your water bill.

  • First in-home water recycling system

    CNBC's Diana Olick gives an inside look at the first in-home water recycling system that could save two-thirds of the water in a home.

  • It finally rains in California

    San Diego was poured on for just 90 minutes, reports CNBC's Jane Wells.

  • California's drought drama and how we got here

    The historic California drought explained, and how some scientists forecast a mega-drought in the coming decades.

  • Solutions for saving water in Cali

    Bottled water is coming under attack during the drought. Tim Brown, Nestle Waters North America CEO, discusses how much water is used to create beverage products, and how to save water in California.

  • Outrage at bottled water companies

    Since the drought in California, many are getting angry with bottled water companies that get their H2O from public lands. CNBC's Jane Wells reports just how much water is known to go to bottled water.

  • Golden State's bottled water backlash

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports California bottled water has been targeted by protests in wake of the state's drought emergency.

  • Silver Oak Cellars CEO: Completely out of wine

    David Duncan, Silver Oak Cellars CEO, shares perspective on the business of making wine, and how the drought in Napa Valley is impacting the business.

  • Cali drought: Farmers scapegoated?

    Cannon Michael, Bowles Farming Company president, discusses the impact California's drought has had on agriculture.

  • 'Extreme' fire risk from drought

    How California's drought is making the job of firefighters extra challenging, with Cal Fire Chief Thom Porter and CNBC's Brian Sullivan.

  • Keeping golf courses green in Cali

    Amid a drought, CNBC's Jane Wells reports on "fore-ward" thinking to keep golf courses green in California.

  • Drought: Economic impact

    Discussing the economic impact of California's drought, with Richard Howitt, University of California Davis, and J.R. Deshazo, UCLA Public Policy & Urban Planning professor.

  • The Byzantine system of California water rights

    CNBC's Jane Wells reports water is a problem in California 100 years in the making.

  • Desertscape biz cashing in during drought

    The landscaping business is booming in California during the drought, reports CNBC's Brian Sullivan. Eva Koppel, owner of Garden of Eva, says her business is exploding.

  • Two sides of desalination

    As desalination talks heat up during California's drought, two pros debate whether the process is efficient. Robert Sulnick, OC Wise executive director, and Heather Cooley, Pacific Institute, debate.

  • Turning salt water into fresh

    California is running out of choices for water during its drought, and is working to finance a desalination plant, reports CNBC's Jane Wells. Water bills will go up about $6 per customer.

  • Greywater's drought fix

    CNBC's Brian Sullivan reports on graywater as a way to help people reuse water in their home. The process costs about $2,500 for installation.