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Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman is chairman and CEO of Edelman Financial Services, a registered investment advisor managing more than billions of dollars for individuals and families across the U.S., with 41 offices coast-to-coast.

Edelman is a New York Times best-selling author. With more than 1 million copies collectively in print, his eight books on personal finance have been translated into several languages. His weekly radio show has been on the air for more than 20 years and is broadcast throughout the country, and his PBS television show now airs in Asia. Edelman speaks frequently on personal finance, writes a 16-page monthly newsletter and offers extensive educational resources at

Edelman has been named a distinguished lecturer at Rowan University and received an honorary doctorate from the university in 1999. He is also a graduate of the Executive Program at Singularity University.

Follow Edelman on Twitter at @ricedelman.