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    Among the most wrong-headed of possible SEC proposals to “fix” the markets is a sentimental appeal to establish a “special status” for market makers like the days of old when “the specialists on the dominant exchanges were subject to significant trading obligations designed to promote fair and orderly markets and fair treatment of investors.”

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    This morning, TD Ameritrade joined Charles Schwab, Fidelity and Vanguard in offering commission-free trades on some ETFs. Of course, there are restrictions and the restrictions vary by company. But being the skeptic, you have to ask. Why are discount brokers offering commission free trades for what is the hottest product in equities? What's in it for them? Could this have anything to do with issues surrounding high frequency trading? Pay for volume? Or good old fashioned arbitrage

  • Cramer still thinks high-quality, dividend-paying stocks are the best way to stay in the game.

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    “If the very nature of these ‘creation units’ is beyond the comprehension of most investors, the actual mechanics of ETFs involve an even far more complex matrix of transactions.”

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    That comment by me last week about the guts of an ETF created somewhat of a stir in the blogosphere and in the ETF industry—as did the topic of the piece I had written, which was headlined: “Can an ETF collapse?”

  • Cramer goes "Off the Charts" to illustrate why you must own these cash-paying stocks.

  • Here's the "Fast Money" Final Trade, where the traders give you their best plays for Thursday.

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    The question of whether an ETF can collapse is the focus of a fascinating new report by Bogan Associates, an under-the-radar investment firm in Boston.

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    The question of whether an ETF can collapse is the focus of a fascinating new report by Bogan Associates, an under-the-radar investment firm in Boston.

  • Inflation-protected securities are performing well, but what does it tell us?

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    Investors in exchange-traded funds exited U.S. stocks in droves last month, pulling out $10.7 billion in assets. Their preferred alternative: emerging markets.

  • The "Fast Money" traders don't think the Bank of Japan's intervention will be long-lasting, but they do have ideas on how to play it.

  • The key is to "find liquidity pools that might be less obvious, outside of traditional exchanges," Barry said, adding, "and to build up what we think the absolute global economic growth will be."

  • The May 2010 Flash Crash helped draw attention to how fragmented the stock market has become and how potentially illiquid it can be in an era of high-speed, computer trading.

  • Worries about the role ETFs play in changing the nature of how people invest and the market’s high correlation to itself.

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    The Flash Crash of May 2010 illustrated how much the stock market has changed in recent years, exposing a new generation of players and trading systems. Here's a glossary of keywords and definitions.

  • Financials have been trapped in a lockbox range since the start of the summer, but some analysts think it could soon break free.

  • Talent is the difference maker, we prefer to go out and hire the best fund managers and build a portfolio,  using ETFs as well to strategically support the active fund manager.

  • It's a vicious cycle. Light volume equals more than apathy. It spells lack of trader confidence.

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