ETF Street

  • Bulls, Bears & BRICs

    The ETF that tracks the BRICs is down 5% over the last 6 months, lagging the S&P 500, with Mike Holland, Holland & Company, and Bill Smead, Smead Capital Management.

  • Silver Continues to Lose Shine

    Keith Neumeyer, First Majestic Silver president & CEO, sheds insight on why his company's stock is down.

  • Gold coins and bar

    Some hedge funds have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the recent commodity market blow-off and it has certainly reintroduced an element of two-way action back into the trade.

  • Volatile Market Strategies

    How to invest in a volatile market, with Brandon Ross, Peak Capital Investment Services.

  • Oil and Silver ETFs

    CNBC's Bob Pisani takes a look at what patterns investors have seen in commodity ETFs.

  • What Not to Put in Your 401K

    A growing number of people are concerned about retirement. Insight on what not to invest in, with Steve Dimitriou, Mayflower Advisors co-founder/managing partner.

  • Talking Numbers: Too Early to Sell Energy?

    Despite the recent sell-off is energy still a good investment strategy? Sam Stovall, Standard & Poors weighs in.

  • Exchange Traded

    Advice on the ETFs to watch, with Jeff Duncan, Duncan Financial Group and David Kotok, Cumberland Advisors.

  • Options Action: The AG Trade

    A play on corn and other commodities, with Brian Stutland, Stutland Equities.

  • Flash Crash Flashback

    A look back at last year's "flash crash" and problems ETFs pose to the system, with Harold Bradley, Kauffman Foundation; Paul Justice, Morningstar; and CNBC's Herrb Greenberg.

  • Fair, Foul & the Flash Crash

    Discussing last years "flash crash" and regulations put in place to protect the small investor, with Charles Rotblut, American Association of Individual Investors.

  • stock_markets_index_200.jpg

    When the British Financial Stability Board was established a couple of years ago, it declared that one of its goals was to produce better "early warning" systems of looming financial trouble spots. Now it is turning this rhetoric into reality.  Investors should pay attention.

  • Check out his interview with this company's CEO.

  • Silver: Who is Buy & Selling?

    Silver has dropped more than 20% this week, since margin requirements were raised. Who is cashing in on silver? CNBC's Brian Sullivan has the details.

  • Meredith Strikes Back

    Discussing the credit quality of tax-free debt, with Rick Taormina, J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

  • Gold bars

    Major players, including George Soros, are reportedly pulling back from gold and silver has recorded yet another collapse.

  • Carlos Slim

    Billionaire Carlos Slim has been selling silver futures for "weeks" in an effort to actively hedge production of his silver mine, a spokesperson confirmed to CNBC Wednesday.

  • Silver ETF Safe?

    Noel Archard, iShares managing director on Silver ETF, expains whether investors should be worried on silver's selloff today.

  • Silver bar and coins

    It has been the silver bullet for many investors, the best performing commodity so far this year. Now it's taking a breather.  The reason behind the stunningly rapid rise in silver prices in the last few months — the frenzy of speculative interest — may be the main reason for the metal's recent decline.

  • CNBC_ETF_ETN_april_report_300.jpg

    Investors doubled their net buying of ETFs and ETNs in April from the month before, committing an extra $22.4 billion, according to data just released by the National Stock Exchange.

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