2014 Presenters

Emcees -- 2014

  • Conference co-emcee, CNBC News Chief International Correspondent

  • Co-founder & executive chairman of Singularity University, Chairman & CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation

  • Global ambassador & founding executive director of Singularity University, former executive at Yahoo

Presenters -- 2014

  • Co-Founder & CEO of Boom Financial

  • Founder & CEO of Crowdfunder, Forbes.com columnist

  • CEO of D-Wave, quantum computing pioneer, former CTO of Goldman Sachs

  • CIO of data analytics giant SAS, former SAS CTO, leads SAS IT efforts & cloud strategy

  • President & COO of Virtu Financial

  • CEO & co-founder of Crowdnetic, leader of the Crowd Finance Industry

  • Chairman & CEO of Edelman Financial Services, ranked #1 Independent Financial Advisor by Barron's

  • Manager of business development, CircleUp

  • U.S. congressman (1981-2012) & House Financial Services Committee chairman (2007-2011)

  • Head of research at 1QBit, the world's first dedicated quantum computing software company

  • Founder of the Future Crimes Institute, leading consultant to FBI on cyber crime, chair for Policy, Law & Ethics at Singularity University

  • CEO & president of Suitable Technologies, entrepreneur focused on internet driven companies

  • CEO of Sprint

  • Founding team member and chief of instigation of the BlockStream Project

  • Data strategist at Khosla Ventures, former president & chief scientist at Kaggle, research scientist at USF, faculty at Singularity University

  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics co-chair at Singularity University, former CEO of Teknowledge Corporation

  • Founder of USA Network, former chair of the National Women's Business Council

  • Founder & CEO of Bioniq Health, executive director of Exponential Medicine

  • Director of engineering at Google, co-founder & chancellor of Singularity University

  • Senior analyst and managing director at CLSA Americas

  • Biotech Track chair at Singularity University, co-founder & chief architect for BioCurious

  • Co-Head of Equity Caital Markets Americas

  • Founder & CEO of Dwolla

  • CEO and associate founder of Singularity University

  • Senior VP & group head of User Experience Design & Implementation for MasterCard’s Emerging Payments Group

  • CNBC "On-Air Stocks" Editor

  • CEO of 3D Systems, 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, chair of Singularity University's Additive Manufacturing Program

  • Senior vice president for IBM's Watson

  • Co-founder & CEO of Local Motors

  • Founder & CEO of Gust, Red Herring magazine's "Patriarch of Silicon Alley"

  • Founder of Second Life, co-founder of High Fidelity Inc.

  • Analyst at AllianceBernstein

  • Chairman & CEO of Customers Bancorp

  • CEO of SecondMarket, creator of the Bitcoin Investment Trust, angel investor, former investment banker

  • Co-founder & CEO of Ayasdi, named Fast Company's "2014 Most Innovative Company: Big Data"

  • CEO of Yale School of Management's Chief Executive Leadership Institute, Yale senior associate dean

  • Director & former chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Networks & Computing chair for Singularity University, founder of ClairNet

  • Founder & CEO of Patriarch Partners

  • Executive director of the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute

  • CEO of IssuWorks, "Father" of the JOBS Act, leading IPO and stock market expert

  • CEO & director of HighTower Advisors

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