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  • While many advisors see small businesses as a desirable demographic to position themselves, these clients can present unique challenges.

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    When families get into conflict, their businesses can quickly fall apart. Financial advisors specializing in family businesses can help.

  • Living trust

    Control and certainty about asset transfers to family members, charities and others make a trust an attractive option for family businesses.

  • Use of a psychologist and a financial advisor can help business owners better align employee actions and attitudes with company operations.

  • Checking account

    Higher tax burdens have many wealthier-than-ever Americans taking a greater interest in charitable-giving vehicles that offer tax relief.

  • Family business owners with complex familial and financial concerns can vet potential advisors by asking the right questions.

  • Choosing the right advisor is key for business owners. A misstep can mean the difference between reaching financial goals and falling short.

  • Only 30 percent of family businesses successfully pass to the next generation, but financial advisors can help owners turn the odds around.

  • After a failed run for political office broke the bank, a middle-aged couple turns to an advisor to help them get back on track.

  • Consumers who use a financial advisor as their intermediary can avoid the most common estate-planning and last will and testament errors.

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