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  • 'Tis the spending season: Certified financial planner Brittney Castro offers five tips on how to save on those budget-busting annual holiday expenses.

  • Because pre-retiree investors are accustomed to years of overspending, many may not be able to entirely curb those habits as they enter retirement.

  • No one likes the topics, but not dealing with the financial consequences of death and disability could mean unnecessary hardship.

  • Art and antiques investing is viewed as a hedge against stock market volatility. But this strategy comes with its own risks and expenses.

  • Baby Boomers retirement

    How can you make sure you have enough money to retire? For boomers in their 50s and 60s that's their main question. Top advisors have the answers.

  • Retirees cannot go on autopilot. Post-retirement financial planning is key to making your savings last in the golden years.

  • While there are pros and cons to annuities, some experts say they have their place because they act as insurance policies that protect retirees.

  • Financial advisor

    Most people in 401(k) plans have no idea how to manage them. That’s why professional advice can help individuals make smart investment choices.

  • Debt debate to impact retirement funds: Study

    According to a new study by the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries, retirement funds could lose as much as 20 percent in value, reports CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

  • Alternative investments are not just for the super rich. In fact, “average” investors are using a wide range of alternative asset strategies.

  • Now is the time to start tax planning

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson gets year-end tax planning advice from three leading financial advisors.

  • Financial advisors urge investors to re-balance their portfolios before year's end as part of a fourth-quarter annual financial review process.

  • Now or Never? Is it safe to get back in the markets

    Five years after the global financial crisis, investors are still leery of the markets and want to know is it safe to jump back in?

  • In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, it took every ounce of resolve from advisors to keep investor/clients calm and convince them good times would return.

  • For those who believe financial plans can wait until December, think again. Financial advisors stress that now is the time to get serious about your financial planning checkup.

  • When it's finally time to start drawing down that 529 account, here's how to make sure you take advantage of tax breaks and make smart choices.

  • Being their own boss is easing the transition to retirement for some boomers. Ten percent of workers 45 to 74 plan to start a business, according to a recent survey by AARP.

  • Cashing out of savings

    A retirement formula devised in the 1990s doesn't seem to hold up in an environment of low-yielding bond, volatile stock markets and inconsistent returns.

  • Should you take 3% from your retirement each year? 4%? More? It depends on how much your savings will earn, how long you live, and changing inflation, so start calculating now.

  • Hobbled by student loan debt and a weak job market, many young adults wonder if they'll ever be comfortable enough financially to have kids.

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