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  • Everyone's goal is to retire a millionaire, but too many personal finance headlines want to sell you on the idea that there's a surefire method for incubating the million dollar nest egg.

  • Some advisors prefer clients with assets in the $500,000 to $2 million range over the ultrawealthy—they are less maintenance.

  • More female financial advisors see the growth potential in targeting women investors.

  • Many financial advisors like ETFs, which offer low fees and trading ease, but ETFs are not perfect for all occasions.

  • Consumer advocates are concerned that fiduciary standard rules won't be strong enough to protect consumers, while registered advisors fear that complex rules will favor bigger firms.

  • Each of the three different advisor models creates different incentives, which is why it pays to understand them when selecting your financial planner. Be selective.

  • Expert investors are embracing financial advisors for counterarguments and best returns.

  • To choose the right financial professional to help you manage your portfolio, you need to understand the different services they offer.

  • Farr's Top Two Defensive Stocks

    It's time to get defensive, and two companies offer robust opportunities, Michael Farr of Farr, Miller & Washington says.

  • The average man has 30 percent more in taxable investments than the average woman and 72 percent more in his IRA, according to a new study.

  • Whatever the fixes to the fiscal cliff mean to your wallet, the start of a new year is a great time to take your financial future into your own hands.

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