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CNBC goes behind the scenes at the Ford Motor Company to tell the inside story of its astonishing comeback just a few short years after nearly collapsing. You’ll meet the tireless and steel-nerved CEO, Alan Mulally, who bet nearly everything the company had in his quest to steer it back from the brink. More astoundingly, Ford rescued itself without a government bailout, unlike rivals General Motors and Chrysler. Today, Ford appears to be a company with a bright future, but one shadowed by a mountain of debt.

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau was granted remarkable access to the company’s inner workings, introducing viewers to an unlikely pair of engineers charged with breathing new life into a legendary but tarnished Ford nameplate, the Explorer. The program also profiles the Ford family, who unlike many other famous American business clans, have never given up their hold on the family firm.

We’ll also take you to the front lines of the brutally competitive automotive industry, the rapidly expanding car markets of South Asia. Ford’s toehold in India, where it is investing heavily, is small, but tenacious, and the blue Ford oval is becoming increasingly commonplace on the crowded and exotic streets of the world’s fastest growing auto market.

Program Highlights

  • Rebuilding Ford

    Just months after becoming Ford's CEO, Alan Mulally came up with a plan to steer the company out of its financial crisis.

  • Ford's Explorer gets a Makeover

    Ford's Explorer SUV, tarnished by poor fuel economy and fatal rollover accidents caused by faulty tires, undergoes a 21st Century makeover.

  • Rebuilding Ford: Technology

    Ford's Sync system, which allows drivers to connect to their cell phones, iPods and other devices using voice commands, is popular with car buyers, but critics charge it's a dangerous distraction.

  • Ford in India

    India is the fastest growing car market in the world and Ford has built a new subcompact car specifically for Indian buyers. CNBC'€™s Phil LeBeau travels to a dealership in India and attends a Poojha ceremony, a ritual for new cars.

  • Ford Family's Boom and Bust

    The Ford family, which has owned or controlled the Ford Motor Company for more than a century, has a long history of boom and bust.


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