Gabriel Tanglao

Gabriel Tanglao
Gabriel Tanglao

Gabriel A. Tanglao is a proud Filipino-American, son of a union-nurse and product of New Jersey Public Schools. He started his career teaching economics in the wake of the Great Recession at Bergenfield High School, located in one of the most diverse working-class communities in the state. Within five years Tanglao established a new AP economics and financial literacy program, chartered a local chapter of the National Social Studies Honor Society, developed an award-winning Model United Nations program, served as a mentor for the STEM program and secured more than $36,000 in grant funding, which provided access to cutting-edge technology for the classroom.

Tanglao transitioned to the Bergen County Vo-Tech High School to teach AP U.S. history and develop a digital humanities course. For his work in the classroom, Tanglao has been recognized with the 2017 Teaching Champion Award from the Council for Economic Education; 2018 Finalist for the Social Justice Activist Award from the National Education Association; and 2019 Global Learning Fellowship with the NEA Foundation.

Tanglao now serves as associate director of professional development and instructional issues for the New Jersey Education Association. He works to advance racial, social and economic justice through public education as a facilitator, speaker and writer. In the past four years, he has presented at more than 50 professional learning and leadership conferences across the country.

Tanglao earned an MA in economics education and entrepreneurship from the University of Delaware, an MS in teaching and BA in political science from Pace University.

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