Gold and Other Precious Metals 2011

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    The SPDR Gold Trust, with over $60 billion in assets, is far and away the largest gold fund.

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    Most investors these days play gold through mutual funds and exchange-traded funds but the investment strategy of these vehicles varies widely, as have their performance  relative to the metal's decade-long rally.

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    With the price of gold soaring to record levels, the precious metal has become that much more dear. Where and how should gold buyers store their bullion and coins?

  • Indian customers look at gold jewellery items on display at the Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ) store in Ahmedabad.

    Long the home of gold lovers, demand is higher than ever,  with buyers fearful prices will rise further, ahead of the traditional October-November wedding season.

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    Before you join the herd of gold bulls, take our quiz to see whether you can tell myth from markets.

  • Coins don’t always mean small change; in fact, some rare coins are worth a small fortune.Click ahead to see the 15 most expensive coins, including those considered priceless.

    Click to see the 15 most expensive U.S. coins, including those considered priceless.

  • With the price of gold reaching an all-time high of $1246 per ounce, in these uncertain times the market has been moving dramatically towards this traditional safe haven.  The biggest individual holders of gold - Central banks, International entities and governments - are believed to account for approximately 20.5 percent of the world's gold, holding about 29,787 tons. The numbers are taken from the monthly report produced by the , which the gold industry's key market development body. So which

    The holdings presented here are as of WGC's December 2011 report, unless otherwise noted. So, who holds the most gold? Click ahead to find out!

  • With gold hitting record highs, we were thinking about all the different ways you can own it.Sure, you can buy gold bars, or an ETF to try to take advantage of the hot metal's rise. Or you can go for something a little more fun. So here's a look at some unusual ways some people have found to stake their gold claims.

    For some people, gold is the ultimate safe haven commodity. Here's a look at the 10 most outrageous items some people have found to stake their gold claims.