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  • Former Shell Oil company executive John Hofmeister told CNBC Monday that the Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium is an example of the “starvation,” imposed on the hydrocarbon industry by the Obama administration.

  • Andalay, Akeena Solar's do-it-yourself solar panels.

    Home improvement store Lowe’s began selling solar panels on Thursday, giving seasoned do-it-yourselfers a chance to install the devices on their roofs themselves.

  • Chevy Volt

    We're now roughly a year away from the much hyped, much anticipated Chevy Volt going on sale and GM is starting to take the wraps off its extended range electric car. This week I was the first journalist to get an exclusive test drive of a Volt model similar to what we'll see in showrooms next year.

  • windmills_4.jpg

    The rise of wind farms in the Pacific Northwest is seen by some as an opportunity to help save the wild salmon, by removing dams that have impeded their spawning.

  • green_badge.jpg

    The fledgling renewable energy industry has grown steadily over much of the past decade, adding jobs at more than twice the national rate, according to a study.

  • Green Invests Here | See Complete Coverage

    Stonyfield Farm President and CEO Gary Hirshberg writes, by being energy efficient, you’ll not only save money – you’ll help create jobs....Any business leader who doesn’t get this by now is turning down the largest, most lucrative opportunity of this young century: reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency.

  • Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu

    Steven Chu has likened his introduction to Washington to being “dumped in the deep end of the pool.”

  • Public anger about Wall Street misdeeds continues to boil - corporate greed has reached its tipping point for the American consumer. As consumers demand accountability from business, companies are learning that environmental responsibility can be good for the bottom line as well as the planet, writes Stonyfield Farm President and CEO Gary Hirshberg.

  • Barack Obama

    The administration is caught between oil companies, that want to expand drilling, and environmental groups, which ask for a ban to be reinstated.

  • green_badge.jpg

    The federal stimulus bill has allocated $3.4 billion for clean coal technologies, and companies are lining up with projects.

  • solar_panels3.jpg

    The strategy is to pay homeowners and businesses top dollar for producing green energy.

  • An Ebay sign is shown at Ebay offices in San Jose, Calif., Wednesday, July 20, 2005. The San Jose-based company said Wednesday that it earned $291.6 million, or 21 cents per share, for the three months ended in June, a 53 percent increase from $190.4 million, or 14 cents per share at the same time last year. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

    In a new program centered on Earth Day, eBay is becoming the latest company to promote its green credentials.

  • Winemaker Greg Allen walks between floating solar panels on a pond behind the Far Niente winery in Oakville, Calif. The winery is trying out a new approach in the volts-for-vines tradeoff, saving vineyard space by floating solar panels on a pond that recycles water left over from the winemaking process. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

    Everyone—including President Obama—is talking about green-collar jobs. But there is still no consensus of what a green job is.

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    As oil and gasoline prices plunge and the economy slumps, the ethanol industry has seen its fortunes decline rapidly.

  • wind_turbine_upclose.jpg

    After years of blistering growth, installation of wind and solar power is plummeting due to the credit crisis and the broader economic downturn.

  • Making your home more energy efficient won't just help the planet. It will help your bottom line, too.

  • Green Your Routine

    Before you succumb to the doom-and-gloom about alternative energy, it's worth remembering that sustainability is not all about big ideas and big bucks. In NBC Universal's latest initiative, "Green Your Routine", you'll see it's sometimes about what's routine, not revolutionary.  Find out what consumers and business can do on a smaller, daily basis to go green.

  • Green Your Routine

    The non-profit community group now has an online marketplace that sells a variety of everyday products that are organic and also good for the environment.

  • Gyr08_Dell_HqCampus.jpg

    When it comes to sustainability, Dell is thinking big -- and small. And it's the big things that are paying off the most.

  • Gyr08_songdo.jpg

    Former New Jersey Governor and EPA boss Christine Todd Whitman says energy is the No. 1 issue the new president will have to face and needs to show voters he's dead serious about "answers to our challenges."