Special Reports Green Your Routine

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    Big green gestures, like placing solar panels and wind turbines on your roof, can make a big impression. They can also cost a small fortune. But there are still smaller, inexpensive ways to be good to the environment.

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    Like many companies, the Marriott International has a number of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly initiatives, but with 300 hotels, 300,000 employees and millions of guests around the world the company says it has "a real ability to educate and inspire" employees and customers alike.

  • Steven Strong at the White House, where his firmed designed and engineered three solar energy systems.

    Steven Strong, president of Solar Design Associates, recalls standing on the roof of the White House with President Jimmy Carter more than 30 years ago when Carter dedicated the first solar system  there. He also remembers when the Reagan administration consigned that system to the dumpster. " “I made it a career goal to get solar back on the White House, " says strong.  And he did.

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    We queried green experts and lovers alike, and came up with ten items that fit a variety of circumstances, from grab bag treats to under-the-tree stand outs.

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    Making your home environmentally friendly home doesn't have to be about big things—like solar panels and windmills on your roof—there are small, cheaper ways to green your home.

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    Building, renovating or buying a home? Check into some of the eco-friendly building materials and construction methods now in use.

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    If you run your own business owner or are a decision maker at someone else's company, here’s how you can green your routine while fattening the bottom line.