Investing High-Frequency Trading

  • Honeybee Capital CEO: HFT form of cancer

    Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital CEO and author of "The Nature of Investing", explains why she looks at high-frequency trading as a disease. The "Closing Bell" panel weighs in.

  • NY AG subpoenas half dozen high-frequency trading firms: DJ

    CNBC's Kate Kelly says The Wall Street Journal is reporting that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued subpoenas for half a dozen high-frequency trading firms, including Jump Trading, Chopper Trading and Tower Research.

  • New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

    The New York attorney general's office has subpoenaed about a half-dozen high-frequency trading firms, a source told CNBC.

  • Ex-Galleon trader Turney Duff offers an insider's view of how learned about Wall Street's dirty little secret: insider trading.

  • Everyone's buzzing about HFTs having a speed advantage but this NYU professor and former HFT trader says not so fast — there's more.

  • The HFT fight: Trade vs. trade

    CNBC's Bob Pisani takes an inside look at high-frequency trading and investigates if front running is really happening or if the market is just simply too complicated.

  • Market regulators will move to 'intrusive control': UBS' Weber

    Axel Weber, chairman of UBS, says market regulators will move to an "intrusive control environment" on all types of trading products to counter "misbehavior".

  • NYT's Stewart: 'Flash Boys' was disappointing

    James Stewart of The New York Times weighs in on Michael Lewis' "Flash Boys." He says there is no news in this book.

  • "Fast Money" trader Jon Najarian says there are two keep problems with high-frequency trading and he’s got two solutions to “unrig” this market.

  • Solutions to 'unrig' the market

    Jon Narjarian, co-founder of OptionMonter.com tells CNBC why high-frequency trading is like throwing a handful of sand into an opponent's face and what can be done to remedy the problem.

  • High Frequency Trading lobbying efforts are growing in Washington D.C.

    Even before the Michael Lewis's controversial book, the high speed trading industry was steadily boosting its Capitol Hill connections.

  • Robert Wolf: Stock market not 'rigged'

    Following the release of Michael Lewis' newest book "Flash Boys," Robert Wolf, 32 Advisors CEO, weighs in on high-frequency trading. Wolf says there should not be "front-running" in the market and sees froth in lower quality situations.

  • Retail broker TradeStation offers access to IEX

    Salomon Sredni, TradeStation Group president & CEO, explains his company's opportunity for clients to access the new IEX platform.

  • Barney Frank: Should have hearings on HFT

    Former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank, weighs in on the controversy over dark pools and high-frequency trading. Frank says if he were chairman he would be investigating how high-speed trades are conducted.

  • Jack Bogle: Need more transparency with HFT

    Vanguard founder Jack Bogle, weighs in on high-frequency trading and explains why he thinks Main Street is better off with HFT.

  • Dick Bove

    Dick Bove says there are a few issues that should be addressed before we jump on Michael Lewis’s bandwagon and call the market “rigged.”

  • The uproar over high-speed trading has highlighted the issue once again, but regulators around the world have already responded to the practice -- with a wide variety of measures.

  • Harvey Pitt, CEO of Kalorama Partners and former chairman of the SEC

    Despite the furor over whether high-frequency trading is "rigging" markets, more regulations aren't needed, said Harvey Pitt, a former SEC chairman.

  • Pitt: Markets need 'smarter regulation'

    Harvey Pitt, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), says "smarter regulation" is needed in response to claims of rigged markets.

  • Hanlon Financial Systems Lab at the Stevens Institute of Technology

    At Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, students learn to engineer programs that will be used in high-frequency trading.