American Greed Episode 43: The Bling Ring | The Fraudster, The Ex-Stripper and The Missing

Case File

Case 1: The Bling Ring

  • The Bling Ring
  • In July, 2009, under the cover of darkness four people approach the Hollywood Hills home of superstar Orlando Bloom. They slink past security cameras and enter through an unlocked door. The mansion is ransacked. Pricey Rolex watches, clothing and art worth nearly $500 thousand dollars are stolen. Police say it's the work of "The Bling Ring".
  • The Hit List
  • Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom. Hollywood's A-List is on The Bling Ring's hit list. The gang of burglars is accused of ripping off some of the world's biggest stars. They plan each of the crimes, researching the whereabouts of celebrities through social networks and websites.
  • Starring Role
  • The gang of unknown thieves become celebrities themselves. Millions of dollars in designer clothes and precious jewels are stolen. But with each heist, they press their luck. Surveillance cameras record the crimes and reveal how a reality show TV teen takes on an unexpected starring role!

Case 2: The Fraudster, The Ex-Stripper and The Missing

  • The Financier
  • Danny Pang is a financier hitting it big. He claims to have an MBA and a VP title from Morgan Stanley. Investors are impressed. He establishes a private equity management group in Irvine, California. Pang is making millions. He's on a winning streak. But is he really who he claims to be?
  • The Company
  • Pang, a gambler since his teenage years, is building his financial empire on other people's graves. He buys their life insurance policies... betting when they'll die and then cashing out. But inside the company, there's a big problem... life insurance is a bad bet.
  • Money Troubles
  • Pang successful image is propped up with lies. His investments are failing. He's using the company as his personal piggybank – taking out more than $100 million in salary, fees and bonuses. And there's more... Pang is using money from new investors to pay back older investors. Pang is running a Ponzi scheme.
  • House of Cards
  • A devastating article is published. A reporter digs into Pang's troubled past and discovers his ex-wife, a former stripper, was murdered. Pang's credentials are in question... did he fabricate his entire past? The shocking truth is revealed and Pang's life is changed forever.

Web Extras

  • American Greed: The Missing Millions and The Bling Ring

    Two riveting cases of American Greed. The death of private equity manager Danny Pang is almost as mysterious as his life. Pang dies almost a decade after the murder of his wife, ex-stripper Janie Pang. Was he involved with her death? And, the story of ¿The Bling Ring.¿ It reads like a Hollywood script--a gang of teenagers rob celebrity homes and steal millions in cash and jewelry from celebrities.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Roughly two weeks before a judge would sentence her to jail in July 2010, Lindsay Lohan sat in a downtown courtroom and recounted to a grand jury how a burglar's black fingerprints on her wall left her so unnerved that she had to leave her rented Hollywood bungalow. The work of the "Bling Ring" had rattled the starlet to her core.

  • Read the FBI's and SEC's press releases regarding the Danny Pang investigation. (Source: Public Record)

  • Orange County Sheriff-Coroner report for Danny Pang (Source: Orange County Coroner / Public Record)