American Greed Episode 39: Fool's Gold

Case File

Fool's Gold

  • The Conman
  • To some, he's an elusive Nigerian businessman. To others, Dr. Henry Jones is an amateur pop music kingmaker and CEO of his own entertainment company. Jones shoots lavish videos around the world and spends millions of dollars on young, sexy, winnable pop stars. But, where is the money coming from?
  • Double Life
  • Jones says he maintains close ties to world leaders... and big money. He claims to broker a secret deal -- a transaction of 20-thousand tons of gold. Jones needs investors. He partners with two men trying to raise cash for Tri Energy, a clean burning coal venture. Will Jones make their financial dreams come true?
  • All That Glitters
  • Investors sign up for the golden opportunity. Millions are raised. But, Jones takes most of it. He spends it on his female singers, giving them clothes, jewelry and even a Ferrari. Investors become suspicious and Jones begins to lose his luster.
  • The Scam
  • Dr. Henry Jones is running a Ponzi scheme. Before it's over, he'll bring in more than $32 million dollars. How long will it take the authorities to track him down and bring him to justice?

Web Extras

  • American Greed: Fool's Gold

    He's a philanthropist, diplomat and international man of mystery. Dr. Henry Jones promises to get investors in on a secret gold deal. But Dr. Jones is leading a double life --- a life unknown even to his partners in crime.

  • British Chef Gordon Ramsay's personal life was splashed through the tabloids in late 2010 after a big argument with his father-in-law went public. Ramsay ended his professional relationship with Chris Hutcheson when he fired him as chief executive of his company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, in October.Angry, Hutcheson is reported to have called Ramsay a "monster" who tried to turn his daughter, Tana, against him. Ramsay followed up with a public letter condemning Hutcheson, calling him a "dictator."

    We look at some of the most famous family business feuds of the last century. From the breakup to the makeup and everything in between.

  • American Greed: Gold Scam

    Henry Jones portrays himself as a diplomat and businessman. He claims to broker a transaction involving 20-thousand tons of gold. But Jones is a con-man running a multi-million-dollar scam. Assistant United States Attorney Ruth Pinkel explains how the government disproved Henry Jones¿s gold deal in court.

  • Listen to a Tri-Energy conference call, as Henry Jones and Art Simburg deceive investors.

  • Read the transcript from one of Tri Energy’s investor conference calls. (Source: Public Domain)

  • Examine the fraudulent investor documents. (Source: Public Domain)