American Greed Episode 35: Dr. Stokes | C&D Distributors

Case File

Case 1: Dr. Stokes

  • The Dermatologist
  • Dr. Robert Stokes has a thriving dermatology practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He's sees patients and makes millions. People put their trust in the doctor. But Dr. Stokes is committing fraud.
  • The Complaints
  • The Blue Cross Blue Shield fraud hotline receives complaints. Patients find discrepancies in their benefit statements. They believe Dr. Stokes is charging for services he did not perform. And, that's just the beginning of his crimes.
  • The Patients
  • Patients realize it isn't just a case of stealing from insurance companies. Investigators believe the doctor is performing unnecessary surgeries and cutting corners. He re-uses syringes and sutures…putting lives in jeopardy!

Case 2: C&D Distributors

  • The Sisters
  • Darlene and Charlene Shuler are twin sisters. They grow up in Lexington, South Carolina. They each marry, have families and eventually start a business called C&D Distributors selling small hardware... bolts, washers and plumbing fixtures. Soon the sisters start distributing supplies to the military.
  • Game Changer
  • A simple accounting error changes everything. There's an error in one of their invoices for shipping charges. The government pays the bill and the sisters receive an unexpected $5,000. They return the money. But the temptation for these church-going women is too much to resist.
  • The Scam
  • The sisters have discovered a loophole in the Department of Defense's automated payment system. Any item considered high priority, including bolts and screws, is paid automatically. It seems C&D can charge almost any price for shipping and the government will pay the bill.

Web Extras

  • Dr. Stokes

    Hear more about Dr. Stokesâ?? other legal troubles.

  • Dr. Stokes’ Mansion – Web Extra

    Check out pictures of Dr. Robert Stokesâ?? former 14 thousand square foot Grand Rapids mansion, which features an indoor pool, and solarium.

  • C&D Distributors

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Winston Holliday describes the mysterious fire at C&Dâ??s Warehouse just weeks into the investigation.