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At the age of 26, Hugh Hefner was at a low point in his life. In an unhappy marriage and an unfulfilling job, Mr. Hefner stood on Chicago's Lake Michigan Bridge contemplating the next step in his average life. He decided to start his own magazine. Gathering friends from the publishing world and eight thousand dollars he constructs the magazine Playboy. From publication to full blown international brand, Hefner becomes one of the most famous entrepreneurs of our time. CNBC Titans profiles the life of the iconic playboy through his business accomplishments, failures and between the pages of a playboy model shoot. Hugh Hefner’s lifestyle and sense of style forever changed American pop culture.

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    By: Kevin Kane|CNBC Producer

    Not every centerfold model becomes the next Pamela Anderson, Kelly Monaco, or Jenny McCarthy. Some of Hugh Hefner's beautiful women use their exposure as playmates to launch careers in business.