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Jennie Enterprise

Jennie Enterprise

Jennie Enterprise is the founder and Chairman of CORE:, a membership-based lifestyle company that provides curated access to individuals, experiences, properties, services, culture and entertainment.

Following post-graduate studies at the London School of Economics, Jennie graduated from Fordham Law School, where she developed the conceptual and business model for what would later morph into the Reebok Sports Club. Opened in 1991, the Reebok Club is credited as the precursor of the "lifestyle" category club. In 2000, she founded CORE:, whose membership community includes leaders and innovators in the fields of art, architecture, business, entertainment, fashion, media, politics, sports, science and technology.

Jennie continues to strategically grow the CORE: brand. In collaboration with her business partner, Dangene, they are currently focusing on re-imagining industries with their brands, which include Dangene, The Institute of Skinovation, d j design, and INK.

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