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Boom, Bust and Blame: The Story Behind Faces of the Recession

The Story Behind

Faces of the Recession

As a New York City resident and a member of the business news media, it has been odd to watch this recession unfold. I don't drive, so I didn't have to pay for gas as the price skyrocketed.

I don't have a mortgage or plans to retire anytime soon. And while I covered some of the biggest stories of the financial crisis, it was from 10,000 feet up. So I wanted to know — if this is the worst recession since the Great Depression, what does that mean for the average American?

This project is an effort to show the human side of the recession. Good, bad and ugly — these are snapshots of personal experiences from all over the country (or as many places as I've been able to get to in the past couple of months).

These interviews are an attempt to reveal the very real situations that people are dealing with day to day — told in their own words. It's been one of the most fulfilling projects I've pursued in a while. I hope to do more, and I hope you'll share your story of how the recession has impacted you and your family.

— Molly Mazilu, CNBC Producer