American Greed: The Fugitives Episode 1: Mr. & Mrs. Mortgage Fraud | Heartless Hedge Fund Manager

Case 1: Mr. & Mrs. Mortgage Fraud

Julieanne Dimitrion and her husband John convince distressed homeowners to relinquish their homes under the premise of improving their financial position. But, instead of investing the proceeds of the home sales, the Dimitrions use the money to fund their own lavish lifestyle and multiple families in Hawaii lose their homes. It's nearly impossible to leave Hawaii without a trace, so how did this couple vanish into thin air?

Case 2: Heartless Hedge Fund Manager

Spiro Germenis is wanted for allegedly scamming more than 25 victims in a massive investment fraud scheme where no one is spared. Through the use of supposed falsified financial statements showing excellent returns, Spiro allegedly steals from middle-class people and some senior citizens, many of whom lose their entire life savings. Spiro tells his wife he's heading to a Mets playoff game, but instead buys a one-way plane ticket out of JFK Airport…never to be heard from again.

The Fugitives Extras

  • American Greed: The Fugitive -- Have You Seen Us?

    The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leadering to the arrest of John and Julieanne Dimitrion. Their company, Mortgage Alliance, promises help for homeowners in danger of foreclosure. But these fugitives from justice had just one thing in mind: Taking their victims' homes.

  • The Manhunt is On

    John and Julieanne Dimitrion pled guilty to money laundering and wire fraud, and are due in court for sentencing. FBI Special Agent Tom Simon describes what happens next.

  • A Darker Turn

    The Dimitrions have vanished; agents want to know how they escaped Hawaii undetected and Tom Simon believes they may have had help. However, Julieanne's Defense Attorny Myles Breiner has a darker theory.

  • American Greed: The Fugitives -- Have You Seen Me?

    The FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of Spiro Germenis. His investment fund, Oracle Evolution, appeared to work miracles with market-beating returns. But the FBI says he was ripping off investors.

  • Gone with the Fugitive

    One of Spiro Germinis' alleged victims, Bob Nicastro, believes that Germenis makes money the old fashion way -- he steals it.

  • Greece Bound?

    It's October 12, 2006, and the FBI is closing in on Spiro Germenis for his alleged Ponzi scheme. But Germenis is one step ahead of them.

  • Read the court transcript of John Dimitrion changing his plea from “NOT GUILTY” to “GUILTY.” (Source: Public Domain)

  • Read Oracle Evolution’s promotional brochure on the “J-Fund.” (Source: Public Domain/Secured from Oracle Fund investor)