American Greed Episode 64: Crash for Crash

American Greed takes you inside a Philadelphia car insurance fraud ring where everybody got a piece of the action.

Case File

Crash for Crash

  • On the streets of Philadelphia, a massive auto insurance fraud ring was making millions. Tow truck drivers, auto body shops, chiropractors, attorneys...even corrupt police officers were on the take in a scam that ran from 2003 to 2007. Wallace "Pop" Morris trolled the highways as a so-called "wreck chaser" bringing in damaged cars to body shops for a price. Together with tow truck driver Jerry "B.J." Bassengale and a team of accomplices, they staged dozens of car accidents and submitted fake claims to insurance companies. The scheme was just the beginning of what would eventually become a multi-million dollar masterpiece of fraud!

Web Extra's

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    By: Lindsay Nadrich|CNBC Production Associate

    Wallce "Pop: Morris was ultimately caught after filing a total of $1.2 million in fake insurance claims.

  • Government's Response in Opposition to Defendant Blassengale’s Motion for Release from Pretrial Detention” filed 6/23/08 in the US District Court. This document gives a play-by-play of Jerry Blassengale’s high-speed chase. (Source: Public Record)