Meeting of the Minds Meeting of the Minds: The Business of Science

The Business of Science

Science once led America to glory. Our breakthrough brought wars to an end and new industries to life. But have we lost our passion to innovate? CNBC gathers esteemed leaders to answer tough questions and chart a path forward.

The Discussion

At the most challenging moments in our nation's history, we looked deep inside, and found our passion in the power to innovate. America led the world in science and science led America to glory. Our breakthroughs brought the country prosperity on a scale the world had never known.

But somewhere along the way, science lost its luster. The Cold War came to an end, complacency set in and a nation of creators became a nation of consumers. The moment we stopped striving for greatness was the moment we began our retreat from the cutting edge.

Now, as our economy grows ever more fragile, and emerging giants like China and India grow ever more powerful, Americans are asking some tough questions. Does making money matter more to us than making progress? Have we become satisfied with second-class status? And how do we get America back in the business of breakthroughs?

Tonight, the stakeholders in science gather to answer these questions and chart a path forward in "Meeting of the Minds: The Business of Science."

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