American Greed: The Fugitives Episode 6: Living the American Scheme | The Prison Escape

The Prison Food Administrator Escapes / A Father and Son accused of Living the American Scheme

Case 1: Living the American Scheme

The father and son team of Juan and Harold Rangel are accused of running a slick operation called Financial Plus Investments. They sell distressed homeowners on the idea that a foreclosure isn't a curse, it's an opportunity. But as more than six hundred investors found out, the Rangels are nobody's saviors. The FBI believes Harold Rangel took part in a massive fraud, primarily orchestrated by his father, taking in more than $35 million dollars from families in Southern California.

Case 2: The Prison Escape

Fred Monem is presented as the paragon of efficient government spending in Oregon. He ran the Food Services Administration for the entire Oregon prison system, saving the corrections department millions of dollars a year. But according to the FBI, Monem is taking a little taste for himself. He's accused of running a $1.2 million money laundering and bribery scheme. Before agents can unravel it all, Monem is gone

The Fugitives Extras

  • An Alleged Large Order of Greed with a Side of Bribes

    Fred Monem is a fugitive from justice accused of siphoning at least $1.2 million from the people of Oregon.

  • Is It a Family Affair of Greed?

    Father and son team Juan and Harold Rangel are accused of running a massive Ponzi scheme on middle class families in and around Los Angeles. Their company Financial Plus is accused of running a money merry-go-round worth, for a time, millions of dollars.

  • Prison Fast Food

    Discover how Fred Monem saved money and satisfied inmates by purchasing fast food from major restaurant chains.

  • Financial Plus Investors

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Jim Bowman describes how Financial Plus employees would go door-to-door soliciting distressed homeowners.

  • Public corruption and bribery: The acts often stem from a government official’s desire for money or power being so strong that it’s eventually overtaken by good old-fashioned greed.

  • Court filing charging Harold Rangel, including includes testimony from FBI Special Agent Stephanie Talamantez. (Source: Public Domain)