American Greed: The Fugitives Episode 7: Bank Robbing Babe | The Vanishing Internet Millionaire

The Internet Millionaire Vanishes & the Bank Robbing Babe

Case 1: Bank Robbing Babe

Street criminals turn to white-collar crime. The feds say Niesha Jackson teams up with her gangster boyfriend and orchestrates a nationwide credit card scheme. The Sacramento couple is convicted of running a network of scammers that stole more than $2.5 million from banks nationwide. But when the law closes in, the fraud's mastermind hits the road.

Case 2: The Vanishing Internet Millionaire

It was the get-quick-rich days of the dotcom boom. Among the companies that raise millions is a California-based online video startup with a celebrity pitchman and the promise of riches. The FBI says Jim Eberhart and his partner Eugene Carriere ran Yes Entertainment, a sham Internet company that allegedly bilked investors out of millions. When the feds come knocking, both men go on the run. Carriere is arrested in Thailand and sent back to the U.S., but Eberhart remains free until a chance encounter leads to his arrest.

The Fugitives Extras

  • Greed and Crime

    Convicted scammer Charles Barksdale explains his motivation for helping his one-time girlfriend, Niesha Jackson, run a multi-million dollar bank fraud.

  • Jim Everhart's Life on the Run

    Gerd Zimmerman, a resident of Langkawi, describes the reclusive life of Jim Eberhart.

  • A Street Gang Turns to White Collar Crime

    A Sacramento-based gang of criminals led by Charles Barksdale and fugitive Niesha Jackson turn banks into their own ATMs with other people's money. But when some of the gangsters are caught, the money trail leads directly to the masterminds of the scheme.

  • Pressing the 'Greed Button' to Lure Investors

    A sophisticated pitch by Yes Entertainment scams approximately 14 million dollars from more than 800 investors looking to cash in on the dot com revolution.

  • This slick prospectus sent by Yes Entertainment to potential investors promises a chance of Internet gold. (Source: Provided to “American Greed: The Fugitives” by former Yes Entertainment Investor)

  • This indictment outlines the complex fraud perpetrated by Niesha Jackson. (Source: U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California)