How I Made My Millions How I Made My Millions: PING | Nat Sherman | Dream Water


  • "Stroke of Genius"—PING
  • Back in the 1950's, Karsten Solheim was a busy engineer who thought he could play better golf if he improved his putter. So he built one himself. The Ping putter, named for the sound it made when it hit the ball, became the foundation of a golf equipment empire, now run by Karsten's son John, that is still innovating all these years later.
  • "Lighting Up"- Nat Sherman
  • Nightclub owner Nat Sherman opened a tiny cigar store in the 1930s when most cigars were sold at the corner grocery. So he changed the image of cigars by running daily ads in the New York Times, coaxing celebrities and top businessmen to visit his small store and introducing "premium" cigars. The result was a legendary brand that became synonymous with the world's finest cigars.
  • "Millions in the Making"- Dream Water
  • In 2006, Vincent Propiglia dreamed up the idea of a natural sleep supplement people could drink. He worked with experts to develop a recipe of GABA, Melatonin and 5-HTP that they believed did the trick. Then, he teamed up with David Lekach who improved the look and flavor. Now, their concoction, Dream Water, is sold in 30,000 stores.