How I Made My Millions How I Made My Millions: Pillow Pets | Tate's Cookies | Tom's of Maine


  • Pillow Pets
  • Stuffed animals cluttered Jennifer Telfer's oldest son's room and led her to wonder if there might be a way to make the toys more functional. What about a stuffed animal that turns into a super soft pillow? In 2003, she began manufacturing convertible creations, called Pillow Pets. In 2010, sales were estimated at about $300 Million.
  • Tate's Cookies
  • Kathleen King is one smart cookie. She first began selling chocolate chip cookies at her father's farm stand in Southampton, New York as an 11 year old. Today, Tate's Bake Shop (her dad's nickname) is bigger than ever, baking about one million cookies a week and selling about 10 million dollars worth per year all across the country.
  • Tom's of Maine
  • Tom Chappell and his wife Kate moved to Maine in 1968 and began focusing on products with eco-friendly values. They felt customers weren't served when it came to skin care, so they started Tom's of Maine to produce natural soap. By 1975 their line included natural toothpaste which changed their lives forever.