How I Made My Millions How I Made My Millions: Moose Tracks | HeadBlade® | TurboTap | IdeaPaint


  • Moose Tracks
  • Wally Blume's invention of that now-famous flavor—a mixture of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cups and fudge—has met with sweet success. Here's the story of how he made his first million and then some.
  • HeadBlade®
  • At first, Gillette and Schick rejected Todd Greene's HeadBlade, a razor designed specifically for men who shave their heads. Now he counts them among his many customers.
  • TurboTap
  • Matt Younkle's quest for a quick beer really paid off. About half of America's professional baseball and football stadiums use his TurboTap technology.
  • IdeaPaint
  • IdeaPaint, which turns any smooth surface into a good-old drawing board, has revolutionized the whiteboard market. Sales for 2009 topped $2 million, but the company hopes to reach $150 million by June of 2012.