Toledo Veterinarian Recommends Pet Laser Therapy for Natural Pain Management

TOLEDO, Ohio, Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trilby Animal Hospital in Toledo, OH announced that the animal hospital now offers pet laser therapy. This is an alternative to traditional pet surgery, which is also offered at the practice. Toledo veterinarian Dr. Alan Moore says that he recommends pet laser therapy for natural pain management of arthritis, especially in older pets when orthopedic surgery is not an option. Laser therapy may also be beneficial for pets suffering from nerve damage or immune system impairment. The treatment helps to reduce inflammation in injured soft tissues while promoting internal healing.

Toledo veterinarian Dr. Alan Moore is recommending pet laser therapy as an alternative to traditional pet surgery. According to Dr. Moore, laser therapy is effective for natural pain management and promoting internal healing following an injury.

"For pets that suffer from arthritis but are not good candidates for orthopedic surgery, laser therapy is extremely effective for treating their pain," said Dr. Moore. "Since orthopedic pet surgery is an invasive procedure, it can take up to six months for pets to recover. This treatment option just doesn't make sense in older pets. That's why we are so excited about companion animal laser therapy – it offers many of the same pain management benefits as orthopedic surgery without the lengthy recovery process."

Toledo veterinarian Dr. Gina Lopez, who also practices at Trilby Animal Hospital with Dr. Moore, agrees.

"While we have only recently begun to offer companion laser therapy at our animal hospital, we are very excited about the results," says Dr. Lopez. "We strongly recommend this cutting-edge treatment for our pet patients that suffer from joint, hip and arthritis pain."

Companion laser therapy uses a low intensity light beam to target injured cells with a strong burst of light energy. This energy penetrates deep beneath the skin's surface, where injured cells use it to speed the cellular repair process. Benefits of laser therapy include reduced inflammation and swelling, less joint pain, and enhanced mobility.

The Toledo veterinarians may also recommend laser therapy following surgical procedures. The treatment helps to ease a pet's pain while helping wounds and incisions heal faster. Companion laser therapy can also treat skin disorders, feline acne and other veterinary health conditions.

"The benefits of laser therapy are truly wide-reaching," said Dr. Lopez. "Most importantly, we can immediately see the benefits for our pet patients. Often arthritic pets that receive the therapy lay quietly in a rested, relaxed state. It's the first time in months that these pets have been without pain."

Companion laser therapy is typically administered over a series of eight to ten treatment sessions, with each session lasting between 15 and 30 minutes.

In addition to laser therapy, the animal hospital offers comprehensive pet wellness services and pet surgery.

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