Fremont Veterinarians Advise Pet Owners Should Book Holiday Boarding Early

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the busy holiday season fast approaching, Fremont veterinarians Dr. Deborah Rue and Dr. Carol Mertens are recommending that pet owners start planning early for holiday dog and cat boarding. Dr. Rue says that many animal hospitals and boarding kennels fill up quickly with boarding reservations, especially over Thanksgiving and Christmas. Waiting until the last minute could mean pets are left without a space and pet owners are stuck scrambling for a solution. Irvington Pet Hospital offers overnight and day boarding options for dogs and cats.

Fremont veterinarian Dr. Deborah Rue and fellow veterinarian Dr. Carol Mertens are predicting this holiday season will be especially busy for cat and dog boarding.

"We are urging pet owners to contact their vet hospital to make a reservation as soon as they have purchased plane tickets or confirmed travel plans. This year looks like it will be especially busy for holiday travel over Thanksgiving and Christmas," said Dr. Mertens.

Pet owners who are hosting friends and family may also wish to book day boarding at a vet hospital. This ensures that pets are not in the way during family gatherings or holiday parties and not receiving holiday food that maybe harmful.

According to Dr. Rue and Dr. Mertens, boarding pets at an animal hospital offers a number of advantages over leaving pets at home in the care of a neighbor or friend.

"Choosing our Fremont dog boarding services offers a number of advantages for pets and their owners," said Dr. Mertens. "Pet owners can enjoy their travels and rest easy knowing that their pet is well supervised. Should a pet become unexpectedly ill during the trip, our veterinary team is just steps away to offer life-saving care."

Dr. Rue says constant human interaction from professional boarding staff reassures anxious or nervous pets in the owner's absence. Pets that are left alone for extended periods at home may become depressed, lonely, bored or angry – taking their frustrations out by destroying furniture, barking for hours, or even trying to escape.

"Every year, there are sad cases where a pet inadvertently escapes or consumes something poisonous," said Dr. Rue. "Unfortunately, if a neighbor is only checking on a pet once per day, then by the time the neighbor discovers that the pet is in distress it is often too late. Boarding at an animal hospital ensures everyone, including the pets, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season."

Irvington Pet Hospital offers separate cat boarding and dog boarding areas. Cat condos include a two-room arrangement that separates the living space from the litter box area. Dogs are walked three times daily during the week and twice on the weekends.

Holiday dog and cat boarding at Irvington Pet Hospital can be arranged by contacting the pet hospital directly.

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