Lakewood Veterinarian Encourages Halloween Pet Photo Contest Participation

LAKEWOOD, Colo., Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, CO is sponsoring a Halloween pet photo contest on Facebook. Pet owners are invited to post photos of their pets dressed up for the holiday in costumes. The veterinary staff will select both a winning cat and dog. Winners will be announced on November 1st and receive a prize. The Lakewood veterinarian is also reminding pet owners to be vigilant about their pets' safety on Halloween. This includes preventing chocolate candy consumption and keeping pets away from trick-or-treaters.

Lakewood pet owners have been invited to join Wadsworth Animal Hospital's Halloween pet photo contest. Pet owners can post photos of their pets dressed up for Halloween on the clinic's Facebook page to be voted on by the staff.

"We are excited to see the different costumes on our pet patients," said Lakewood veterinarian Dr. Eric L. Eisen. "We can't wait to see all the creative costumes that are dreamed up by our pet owners. With the upcoming election, we are also wondering if there will be any political-themed costumes."

To be considered in the photo contest, pet owners may upload the photos to the Facebook page by midnight on October 31. Pet owners should also send the animal hospital a private Facebook message with details including the owner's name, the pet's name, the pet's costume, and a daytime phone number. Winners will be announced on November 1.

In conjunction with the Halloween photo contest, the Lakewood animal hospital is also reminding pet owners about the danger of chocolate ingestion and potential holiday safety concerns.

"Ringing door bells, young children, and lots of excitement can easily startle a pet, causing anxiety and stress," said Dr. Eisen. "We recommend that pet owners keep their pets crated or in a closed room away from the front door. Every year, cats dart out and dogs accidently jump on young trick-or-treaters. The best way to prevent problems is to keep pets separate from the festivities."

The vet is also cautioning pet owners about the dangers of chocolate ingestion in dogs and cats. Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine, a naturally occurring stimulant that causes arrhythmia and muscle twitching in animals.

"Depending on the type of chocolate and the pet's weight, just a few bites can send a pet straight to the animal emergency room," said Dr. Eisen. "As part of our commitment to pet wellness care, we are reminding pet owners to keep all candy out of a pet's reach."

Wadsworth Animal Hospital provides pet wellness care for the Englewood, Arvada, Littleton and Denver communities. This includes new pet wellness exams and senior pet care.

Pet owners may learn more about pet wellness care at the animal hospital, as well as new pet wellness exams, by visiting the clinic's website

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