Animal Medical Clinic Offers Professional Care for Pet Boarding in Jacksonville, TX

JACKSONVILLE, Texas, Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Jacksonville, TX veterinarian wants local pet owners to know that they have a safe, comfortable place to board their pets when circumstances require it. According to Dr. Ira Stephens, founder of Animal Medical Clinic, leaving a pet alone in the home during an extended trip can cause anxiety for pet and owner alike, while potentially putting the pet's well-being at risk. "A professional pet boarding facility, such as the one at our animal clinic, can ensure that pets receive not only affection and nourishment, but also any veterinary care they might need when their owners have to be away," says the veterinarian.

Owners may be forced to travel without their pets if their destination cannot make the proper accommodations. Dr. Stephens also notes that many owners simply leave their pets at home and make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to check on and feed the pet. "These brief visits don't give a pet the human companionship or playtime they are used to," says the veterinarian. "Letting the pet out of the house for any length of time could result in the pet running away or getting injured, especially if the caretaker isn't experienced at handling pets."

Dr. Stephens adds that pets who receive only a few isolated minutes of companionship or activity each day may experience anxiety and depression. By contrast, pet boarding allows animals to interact with our veterinary team and with other pets. The animal clinic keeps separate dog boarding and cat boarding units so each species can enjoy a suitable environment. "Dogs are highly social, occasionally noisy animals, whereas cats need a certain amount of calm," says Dr. Stevens. "We take this into account at our boarding facility."

In addition to basic care and affection, some pets may have or develop specific veterinary needs. Dr. Stephens points out that many older animals must receive precise dosages of prescription medications, a task best performed by an experienced professional. "The pets boarded at our animal clinic have ready access to our skilled veterinary team. We can administer medications, monitor vital signs and even perform any preventative care procedures that the owner has authorized." Another important point, adds the vet, is the fact that the veterinary team can respond quickly to any sudden health emergency.

"We want pet owners to consider boarding their pets with us whenever they're visiting family, taking business trips or going on vacation. We want them to feel confident that their pets are in good, capable hands," says Dr. Stephens.

In addition to animal boarding, Animal Medical Clinic provides spaying and neutering, emergency vet services, pet dentistry, small pet care and equine health services for Jacksonville, TX animals.

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