Animal Clinic in Richmond Heights Holds 2nd Annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio, Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veterinarian Jeffery Richman of Richman Animal Clinic in Richmond Heights announced that the clinic is holding its second annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest. Pet owners can submit pictures of their dressed-up pets to between now and Halloween. Contest participants all receive a $5.00 discount on veterinary services such as puppy and kitten care. Dr. Richman also wants to use the costume contest as a way of reminding pet owners about Halloween safety tips for pets in Richmond Heights, Willoughby Hills, and surrounding areas. He says that last year's contest was a fun way to raise safety awareness.

The Richmond Heights veterinarian hopes that even more pets participate in the Halloween contest than last year. "The pets who participated last year were amazing. It was hilarious, and most of the pets involved seemed to enjoy it." The veterinarian advises pet owners to choose costumes that do not restrict movement or a pet's ability to breathe, smell, see or hear. He also warns against ill-fitting costumes with parts that dangle or could get twisted or caught on anything. Also, he says some pets may be tempted to chew off dangling parts, causing a choking hazard.

Dr. Richman says that Halloween can be fun for pets when their owners take the appropriate safety precautions. One of the most important safety tips, according to the veterinarian, is to keep the candy bowl away from their pets. Chocolate, nuts and sweeteners like Xylitol can choke or severely poison pets. Dr. Richman advises pet owners who think their pet may have ingested chocolate or other possibly toxic Halloween candy to call the animal clinic immediately. He also reminds pet owners that responsible puppy and kitten care means keeping candles out of reach, noting that curious young pets have often been burned or started fires by knocking over lit jack-o-lanterns.

Dr. Richman says that their Halloween costume contest is an opportunity for pets to enjoy Halloween safely. "Halloween night can be stressful for pets with all of the doorbell ringing and knocking and strange looking costumes, so it's best to keep them in a safe room away from the action, or in their crate during that time. Our contest gives them a chance to get their Halloween fun in early and safely."

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