Fort Worth Chiropractor Raises Awareness About Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

FORT WORTH, Texas, Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fort Worth pregnancy chiropractor Dr. Chris Michlin of Back to Health Family Chiropractic reports that he has successfully relieved lower back pain, headaches, nausea and sciatica for many expectant mothers without any medications. Dr. Michlin says that pregnancy and chiropractic care are a good fit for many women. Chiropractic care involves realigning the spine and musculoskeletal system to relieve pinched nerves. He says that in addition to helping women feel better during pregnancy, these spinal adjustments can also prepare mothers for easier conception as well as mothers and babies for an easier, less complicated delivery.

According to Dr. Michlin, spinal alignments are a safe, healthy alternative to painkillers during pregnancy. "Pregnancy hormones that loosen the ligaments, along with a growing belly, pull the spine out of proper alignment, which causes back pain and other symptoms. For the health of the baby, mothers need to avoid painkillers, but they don't need to suffer. Pregnancy and chiropractic care are a natural fit. By realigning the spine and optimizing the alignment of the pelvis, we can relieve pain naturally while also giving the baby more room to move and develop."

The pregnancy chiropractor describes two of several spinal adjustment methods he uses when treating pregnant women. Dr. Michlin says that the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Adjusting Technique addresses many spinal alignment problems in pregnant women. Because this method requires x-rays, it is imperative that the mother-to-be start AO care prior to becoming pregnant. He says a woman lies her side on a special table, and then he uses the instrument to deliver an impulse that properly aligns the top vertebra. His patients report feeling nothing during the treatment. Women report, however, that these treatments help alleviate their headaches, nausea and other pregnancy discomforts. Dr. Michlin adds that aligning the Atlas vertebra correctly aligns the rest of the spine, enabling the nervous system to better respond to the demands of pregnancy.

The second technique Dr. Michlin describes is the Webster Technique. He says this technique was developed specifically to balance and align the pelvis throughout pregnancy. According to Dr. Michlin, aligning the pelvis is important not only for avoiding backaches and injuries for the mother, but also to give the growing baby more room to move. He adds that in many cases, this technique has corrected and prevented breech presentations, which can lead to complications during delivery. He says the Webster Technique helps prepare the mother and baby for an easier birth experience.

Dr. Michlin says, "A healthy, happy mommy equals a healthy, happy baby—and with these gentle spinal adjustments, mothers can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy as they prepare to welcome a new baby into their lives."

Dr. Michlin is the only pregnancy chiropractor in Fort Worth and North Texas who is Board Certified in the Atlas Orthogonal Adjusting Technique.

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