Athletic Taping Aids Santa Barbara Sports Injury Cases

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A chiropractor in Santa Barbara is spreading the word about the value of athletic taping, also known as kinesio taping, in the treatment of many kinds of sports injuries. According to the chiropractors, Dr. Michael P. Hergenroether, Dr. Michael S. York and Dr. James A. Cochran, of Advanced Chiropractic Group, the precise application of tape to muscle groups on the body provides support to those structures, helping athletes and non-athletes alike with everything from muscle strain rehabilitation to herniated disc treatment. "Athletic taping can play an important role in supporting injured tissues so they can heal more efficiently," he says, "especially in conjunction with other natural therapeutic modalities," said Dr. Hergenroether.

Dr. Hergenroether goes on to explain that sports and recreational activities often place unnatural demands on the human body, causing even well-conditioned athletes to experience the occasional sports injury. "Overextension or overexertion of muscles and connective tissues may cause painful strains or sprains," he says. "A forceful impact can dislodge vertebrae and supporting discs out of position, where they may press against nerve roots and cause pain, numbness or loss of muscle function." He notes that these conditions typically respond well to spinal adjustments, massage and other techniques, including athletic taping.

Athletic taping involves the strategic placement of adhesive cotton tape across a particular muscle group. This tape tugs gently at the skin as the muscle group is used, which the chiropractors claim helps to enhance circulation in the taped area and allow inflammatory toxins to be carried away in the bloodstream. The tugging action also works as a preventative measure, reminding athletes not to overextend or overexert the muscle group in question.

Modern taping products were first seen in the 1970s and have since by adopted by thousands of trainers and athletes, including many Olympians. All three of the practitioners at the Santa Barbara clinic pursue athletics and are trained in sports medicine. Dr. Hergenroether runs and is an avid golfer, while Dr. Michael S. York is a soccer referee and Dr. James A. Cochran is a kayaker and mountain biker. "In our personal and professional experience, we have observed that athletic taping reduces pain and provides much-needed muscle support," say Dr. Cochran.

This type of athletic taping has applications beyond sports injury treatment. According to Dr. York, they also use it to help patients dealing with a wide range of personal injury and chronic pain problems. The chiropractor cites herniated disc treatment as an example. "We can apply athletic tape to the back to help support the muscles between and alongside other herniated disc treatment methods such as spinal decompression," he says.

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