Idaho Falls Chiropractor Recommends Prompt Treatment Following a Car Accident Injury

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, Oct. 21, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spine Align Chiropractic in Idaho Falls, ID is raising awareness about the importance of prompt treatment following a car accident injury. According to chiropractor Dr. Todd L. Reese, accidents at speeds as slow as 5mph can cause serious whiplash injuries. However, it may be weeks or even months before patients begin to suffer from chronic back and neck pain. This is because the build-up of scar tissue, following the injury, occurs slowly over time. Dr. Reese says that prompt treatment will help prevent the formation of scar tissue and restore proper alignment to the spine before the onset of serious pain.

Car accident injury patients may benefit from prompt chiropractic treatment. According to chiropractor Dr. Todd L. Reese, many accident victims may not experience pain until weeks or months after their accident. A prompt diagnostic evaluation following the accident is the best way to determine the extent of a patient's injuries.

"Many accident victims mistakenly believe that a fender bender cannot cause serious damage to the musculoskeletal system," said Dr. Reese. "This is simply not the case. The driver and passengers in a car hit from behind at even low speeds can suffer severe whiplash injuries."

Dr. Devin Scoresby, a chiropractor with the practice, also stressed that many accident injuries cause a misalignment of the musculoskeletal system while also straining nearby soft tissue. The force of an accident impact can knock a vertebra out of alignment, causing a herniated disc. When this disc compresses nearby nerves, patients experience pain. According to Dr. Scoresby, back pain from an accident injury may build slowly over time.

"Scar tissue surrounding an injury or a musculoskeletal misalignment can slowly cause chronic pain," said Dr. Scoresby. "Consequently, it may be several weeks or even a month before accident victims realize that they have suffered a serious injury. At this point, it may be too late to receive fair compensation from the insurance company for this injury."

A visit to the chiropractor immediately following an accident ensures that all injuries are properly diagnosed and a treatment plan immediately put into place. Spinal adjustments help restore alignment to the spine, reducing pressure on the nerves and alleviating chronic pain.

Symptoms of a car accident injury include headaches and migraines, neck pain and back pain. Whiplash injury victims may also struggle to concentrate on simple tasks and experience difficulty sleeping at night.

"Comprehensive care will address back pain and neck pain symptoms," said Dr. Reese. "We also work closely with accident victims to develop a comprehensive wellness plan to reduce the risk for future injuries. Our non-invasive natural healing techniques can safely bring movement and flexibility back to the body. This is especially important for stiff or sore muscles that may be at risk for additional injury."

Spine Align Chiropractic provides non-invasive, natural pain management and injury rehabilitation.

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