VSL Technologies Announce Advertising Platform Prototype Release Date - Could Revolutionize How Facebook and Others Monetize Mobile Ads

RENO, Nev., Oct. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With an estimated 37% of U.S. smartphones owners using a social network at least once a day, the focus, especially for Facebook and it's investors, is how to monetize the lucrative mobile market which has rapidly increased as a result of the mobile usage of users today. Aiming to provide a revolutionary platform option, today, two of the original founders of VSL Technologies, Lamonica Valrie and Dr. Michael Livingston, announced the formal release date, October 29, 2012, for their ground-breaking advertising platform prototype.

With investor concerns over how Facebook will increase revenue and make money from its growing mobile audience, Valrie believes that the opportunity to develop a strategic revenue model for mobile advertising is essential. Valrie stated, "Many advertisers have genuine concerns and questions when deciding to advertise to the global smartphone market. Customer privacy and the ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of mobile ads are paramount in today's decision making process, as well as the long term perception of our industry. Creating successful interactions between the mobile user and the advertiser is the true litmus test." He believes that both the social network and advertisers risk annoying more loyal users with the current platform used by the industry. Valrie further stated, "We agree with the assumption of Facebook and others that as billions of people become connected as a result of the mobile market, lives will be changed. We believe that our platform model will produce a better online experience for users, which will result in creating more loyal customers for advertisers."

The group believes that their prototype will ease concerns over online advertising sales and the shift to mobile for both industry investors and millions of advertisers looking to capitalize and make a footprint in the mobile market. "We feel that our prototype will help provide a much needed boost for investors in this market," says Valrie, "as well as provide a positive outlook for the growth of the mobile ad market as a whole."

VSL Technologies LLC, is the creator of themoderninc.com, a website that partners with SMBs enabling them to implement a successful social media strategy on Facebook, with the philosophy that every small business can compete and be successful in today's socially driven market.

For additional information please contact Lamonica Valrie @ 512-646-1033 or lvalrie@themoderninc.com

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